"Succinct and nourishing... a luxuriant space between almost excessive precision and looser improvisation", The Wire.

Release date: 14th June 2018 available on Fractal Meat Records and ingridplum.bandcamp.com


Inspired by studying with Meredith Monk, Taut features scores by Graham Dunning, Helen Frosi, Kelly Jayne Jones, Tania Chen, Stephan Barrett, Iris Garrelfs, Jez Riley French, Nick Hudson, Kev Nickells, Bobby Barry, Lisa Busby, Lia Mazzari, Greta Pistaceci & Timothy Thornton performed by Ingrid Plum. Pushing contemporary music notation to new horizons the 14 scores commissioned by Plum encompass classical notation, photography, poetry, embroidery, painting and more. This is Plum's most challenging work yet as a singer and an improviser.

TAUT - The Limited Edition Book features all the scores written by artists in different styles of notation plus interviews with Ingrid Plum and the composers, conducted by Jack Chuter (author of Storm Static Sleep: A Pathway Through Post-Rock)

TAUT - The download album is a rare chance to hear all of the scores performed live at Iklectic, London UK in March 2018.

TAUT - The Exhibition took place at Onca Gallery, Brighton 14th - 17th June 2018.