Interactive installation using paper and string. Plum was comissioned to celebrate Pier Day in Worthing and asked visitors to the pier what their wishes for the redevlopment of Worthing, at the time under discussion by the local council. The Wishes were hung on the pier and then sent to the council, who integrated many of the wishes into their plans. Exhibited at Worthing Pier, 2006.


I wish there were more Open Air Swimming Pools!!!!!
I wish there was a big Cinema and an Ice Rink
Keep our Hospital!!!!
Crazy Golf would be nice!!
Please extend the seafront bike path all the way along the front
Improved swimming facilities i.e. like Horsham’s
Skateboarding Park!
A new Swimming Pool - Worthing FC to win the League!
Tea House on the end of the Pier – tables and chairs in the sun
A Princess
Put the Cycle Lane back on the Prom! It is a ridiculous waste of good space!
Hospital – better Swimming Pool – Cycle Lane
Extension of the Bike Lane along Worthing Seafront
Keep on keeping on! We love Worthing
I wish for a new Leisure Centre and more kids’ activities
I wish Worthing would have more for all ages and maintain all our good things we already have
I want more children’s things to do
Keep all the old lovely buildings – pull down the Guildbourne Centre
Swimming Pool accessible for physically disabled people (with sling hoist)
I wish there was a Swimming Pool and an Ice Rink
A decent Youth Centre
Better facilities on the Beach
Multi-Screen Cinema and also a new Swimming Pool, please
A Pet Bunny
Please save our Hospital – it is a vital part of Worthing and desperately needed
Please more stuff available for children – a new Cinema!
Keep Worthing just as good as it is - always have a lovely time here
Reduce Bus Fares (children’s bus fares are too high _ of adults)
A good Cycle Lane!
Keep our Hospitals
Better Swimming Pool
More Bike Paths
Updated children’s play areas on the seafront (get inspiration from Brighton)!!
Buses that run later into the evening
A Skate Park
I wish that Worthing had a good Swimming Pool with water slides
More facilities for children (our future)
Skateboard Parks
No luxury flats along the seafront – a Skate Park where the boating lake is – basketball courts and playgrounds along the front
I love Worthing with its beautiful Art Deco buildings.
Please improve the Leisure Centre on the seafront and the Bowling Alley
More places to hang out like a crash or reck – good!
Keep our Hospital
A new Swimming Pool completed very soon
Better access and clear pavements
Parks - easy access, Cafes and Pubs
Activities and Pier like Brighton!
More things to do like Playgrounds
Keep our Hospital – it is vital
Don’t close the Hospital
Keep our Hospital fully open!!!!!
Cheaper Parking!
Better Seafront Facilities
A Cycle Lane all along the Seafront
Keep our Hospitals
More stuff for young families
A Swimming Pool and Cinema
Cheaper Parking
Can we have some Rides on the Pier
A new Swimming Pool and better facilities for teenagers
Can we have some more Amusements
Keep our Hospital
Keep our Hospital
A decent Coffee Shop and Artists Studios
More things for the children, swimming play area etc.
A bigger Cinema
Keep Worthing as beautiful as it is!!
I would love to see a regular passenger boat service along the South Coast linking Hastings, Eastbourne, Brighton, Worthing and Southsea
A decent Park & Ride – cheaper parking for all please
Designer Shops & Starbucks Coffee Shop
More Chocolate
Keep the Aquarena going and Worthing Hospital – both are needed!
Multiplex Cinema
I would like to see a 10-screen Cinema
More things on the Pier on a regular basis not just today
Bring back the Lido!
By-Pass for Worthing – A27 cannot take any more cars
A really cool new Swimming Pool and Sports Centre
A nice Park
Keep our Hospital
Better Shops
A new Swimming Pool like Horsham
Multi Complex for entertainment but as for everything else it’s getting better, keep it up
I wish there were more people in bowler hats
Bring back Star search
I wish that Worthing keeps its Hospital
A huge Swimming Pool for all ages
I wish the Lido could be transformed into a “Browns” style café/bar!
Less demolition of lovely old buildings for flats
Bands on the Pier on Sundays similar to Eastbourne Bandstand
More free Ice Cream!
More Bands like mine! Cheaper Cinema tickets

See the wishes on the Worthing Evolution site and the Council's masterplan for Worthing here