Madeira, 2016 Obfuscate is an audio visual performance by Ingrid Plum with voice, field recordings & video. With thanks to Multimadeira, Chris Wood & Timon Murer.

Filmed in Madeira 'Obfuscate' is a duet between recorded and remembered audio visual experience exploring the fractured narrative of man-made intrusions dissolved by nature and memory's dis-associative storytelling of landscape.

Described by ATTN magazine as "her voice reacts to the urges of the wind and the sea, arcing over the waves and bleating in counter-currents against the wind, fluttering like a tethered ribbon in a storm or dancing in jovial mimicry of morning birdsong. She converses with her pre-recorded self. Voices shrink onto tinny cassette players or spill pristinely out of the PA, like memories of differing clarity riding toward me upon the kinetic currents of nature."

With thanks to Multimadeira residency.